Green Rock understands that every client is different. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we work hard to customize a solution that meets your unique needs and sustainability goals.


Our in-depth industry expertise and understanding of logistics allows Green Rock to take ownership of your supply chain. While we coordinate and manage, we will also look for ways to create sustainable solutions through the recovery and reuse of resources. From small, simple jobs to large complex projects and everything in between, Green Rock has the industry connections and expertise to take waste completely out of your hands.


We believe in agile approaches, building lasting relationships, and exploring an array of options to best meet your needs. We welcome the opportunity to learn about your project and provide you with specific solutions to suit your organization.

Recovery, Reuse + Recycling

Environmental responsibility is our highest priority.


As we design your waste and materials program, we will also look for innovative and creative sustainable opportunities through the recovery and reuse of resources, such as fuels blending, chemical reuse, and waste to energy.


Waste + Materials Management

Every project and every customer is different. That’s why instead of taking a one-size- fits-all approach, we work with you to customize a solution that meets your unique needs in the most economic way possible.


Our capabilities cover all streams of non-hazardous and hazardous waste management to include RCRA, TSCA and Radioactive waste.


Transportation + Logistics

Our comprehensive transportation and logistics services combined with our in-depth industry expertise and connections, allow us to take complete ownership of your supply chain. From equipment and tracking to real-time management of all materials, we coordinate every last detail down to a T.


Remediation + Removal

From the smallest and simplest jobs to the largest and most complex projects, Green Rock has the industry connections and expertise to put together the seamless remediation solution at the lowest cost to you to include waste treatment, stabilization and solidification.


Commercial + Industrial Services

Green Rock provides a comprehensive set of industrial services offerings for manufacturing and commercial operations that include everything from standard recycling and disposal to waste audits and in-plant services.


Consulting + Project Management

Where Green Rock shines is applying our decades of environmental expertise across industries to help you cultivate a comprehensive, cost-effective strategy to meet your environmental goals.


Not ones to stop at blue sky planning, we then take your specific action-plan and drive seamless execution with the detailed documentation and clear reports to show progress. Stay in the know and rest easy from start to finish - that’s just good business.


Facilities Management

Green Rock’s facilities management services help increase transparency into your business so you can identify inefficiencies and reduce your environmental footprint.


Whether you are in search of help with a single site or need a network-wide solution, we can tailor a program to effectively address your deliverables and budget.